Massiel Rodriguez

Welcome! My name is Massiel Rodriguez, the owner of Miami Music Education. I am singer, pianist, composer and arranger, a committed music educator with a wide range of teaching experience in Spain, Cuba, and United States. I earned a degree of Bachelor of Music with a specialization in Choir Direction graduation at the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba. I have always been a passionate advocate of music, providing students with a quality education adapted to the different ages, needs and abilities of each student.

In my opinion, It is important to be very careful in the quality of teaching that we give to our children, who will be the musicians and teachers of tomorrow. «Give the best we can» is my slogan and I encourage parents, guardians and anyone who has a dream, a desire to make music, to offer your children or yourself the opportunity for a quality education

I feel honored to contribute my knowledge to young people of all ages and levels throughout my professional career. As a member of the Miami Music Teachers Association (MMTA) and an associate educator at Steinway and Son, our intention is to collaborate in the musical education of each student who comes to our center. I am happy for the gratitude and trust of many parents for our teaching philosophy and learning atmosphere. We hope to continue serving the community and helping the genuine growth of our students.