Top10 Hits for Latin Parties

More Info Vivir Mi Vida (2013) Marc Anthony returns to his roots for his 13th album, temporarily putting aside his dazzlingly successful career as a pop crossover artist for an album of straight-ahead salsa tunes sung entirely in Spanish Read Review Danza Kuduro (2010) Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo is an adaptation of Vem Dancar Kuduro, from Don Omar’s collaborative album Meet the Orphans released as the lead single from the album on August 15, 2010 Read Review La Gasolina (2004) Daddy Yankee’s fourth album marked the moment when the fiercely underground reggaetón scene became a true crossover phenomenon. Powered by slamming “Dem Bow” loops, game-changing hits Read Review DJ info DJ MIXES REMIXES charts sfdja DJ Ricky305 Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony Rebellion – Joe arroyo Suavemente – Elvis Crespo Bilirubina – Juan Luis Guerra La gota Fría – Carlos vives Pa Mayte – Carlos Vives Gasolina – Daddy Yankee Dile – Don Omar DJ Dunis Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony Rebellion – Joe arroyo Suavemente – Elvis Crespo Bilirubina – Juan Luis Guerra La gota Fría – Carlos vives Pa Mayte – Carlos Vives Lo que paso paso

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SFDJA New Members

THE PREMIER ASSOCIATION FOR DJS A South Florida DJ Association Certified Member is a mobile and Club DJ Entertainer that takes pride in his craft. The individual has earned this approval rating from our Association because of their participation in the group  by their participations and willingness to keep up-to-date in the latest advancements in our field. The member’s desire to excel in our industry has earned them a stamp of approval from the organization. Quality, Responsibility and Professionalism has been emphasized by the Association. FEATURED MEMBERS become a member Click here STATS 2000 members 7 years since 2013 New members 2020-07 dj herlan 2020-07 dj guaja 2020-07 dj rowell 2020-07 dj gaby 2020-07 DJ orly 2020-08 dj yeri 2020-08 dj jarell 2020-08 dj fila 2020-08 dj mago 2020-08 yasel mesa 2020-08 dj fili 2020-08 dj Yuset 2020-08 dj DANny 2020-08 dj mani 2020-08 dj yoel 2020-08 dj eider 2020-08 dj ferna LISTEN TO DJ MIXES Top trendING mix MIAMI BEAT 305 DJ OF THE WEEK Mixshow Episode 1 – DJ OZZ REMIXES  Listen Here What They Say Testimonials “The best DJ Association in the Nation that I’ve ever seen. They have helped me step up my game and made

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DJ Mixathon Aug 29-30

miami beat 305 presents MIXATHON dj lineup dj guaja•dj herlan•dj rowell•dj rachel dj eider •dj rachel•dj ozz•orly dj dj leo•dj orly•dj ozz•dj angel•Dj yoel dj mitch•dj eider•dj many•dj ricky305•dj jarell dj applehead•dj alex g•dj cuba•Dj duni dj eddy•dj puchy•dj gaby Play Your browser does not support the audio element. m SATURDAY DJS IN THE MIX SATURDAY12Pm – 11PM DJ GUAJA 12 PM DJ HERLAN 1 pm dj rowell 2 pm dj rachel 3 pm ORLY DJ 4 PM DJ leo 4:30 PM DJ OZZ 5:30 PM DJ Angel 6 pm DJ yoel 7 PM dj mitch 8 PM DJ eider 9 PM dj ricky305 10 pm dj laz 11 pm DJ jarell 12 am M sunday dj applehead 4 PM dj cuba 5 PM dj alex gutierrez 6 PM dj ferna 7 PM dj duni 8 PM dj eddy.o 9 PM dj puchy 10 PM DJ MANI 11 PM dj danny & tony 12 AM Get your pass here full dj mixathon listening pass listen here Sponsor 2 Sponsor 5 Sponsor 3 Sponsor 8 Sponsor 4 Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Sponsor 5 Sponsor 3 Sponsor 8 Sponsor 4

Music Guitar Rock Sing

AbeltonLive enables a new standard for wireless performance, so artists and audio professionals together can create greater experiences. Perhaps the very atmospheric conditions which had kept away the merchant fleets of bygone ages induced the O.S.N. Company to violate the sanctuary of peace sheltering the calm existence of Sulaco. The variable airs sporting lightly with the vast semicircle of waters within the head of Azuera could not baffle the steam power of their excellent fleet. Year after year the black hulls of their ships had gone up and down the coast, in and out, past Azuera, past the Isabels, past Punta Mala—disregarding everything but the tyranny of time. Their names, the names of all mythology, became the household words of a coast that had never been ruled by the gods of Olympus. The Juno was known only for her comfortable cabins amidships, the Saturn for the geniality of her captain and the painted and gilt luxuriousness of her saloon, whereas the Ganymede was fitted out mainly for cattle transport, and to be avoided by coastwise passengers. The humblest Indian in the obscurest village on the coast was familiar with the Cerberus, a little black puffer without charm or living accommodation

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We Are The Music Makers

We express our thoughts and Feelings through music. Music is made by musicians who organise various sounds and blend rhythm, harmony and melody in a pattern which makes it pleasing to hear. When we see a face, we are automatically triggered to feel something or to empathize with that person. If we recognize content on a website — such as a problem, dilemma, habit or whatever else — we feel connected and understood. Since we know ourselves so well, we unconsciously try to relate everything we see to ourselves. Obviously, we do that with other human faces, but also with when there are no human features involved. Only the recognition of our body’s proportions in a design is enough for us to perceive the design as being familiar and harmonic. This is the reasoning behind headless mannequins. We subconsciously take what is on display and substitute ourselves for the mannequin due to the lack of ‘human’ in the image. So faces add a human touch to your website – they help you trigger your emotions, which make them a powerful design element. Here are 10 effects human faces can have on your visitors.

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