Cortadito Son

For your listening pleasure and consumption, we bring you Cortadito!

Cortadito [ kawr-tuh-dee-toh ]

  1. An espresso shot with milk. A short version of café con leche (coffee with milk).
  2. Cuban Folk / Country music band from Miami connecting the past and present to bring you the future of Cuban Son.

What is Son?

Son (pronounced sOwn): a style of music that was created  two centuries ago in the eastern province of Cuba known as Oriente.  

Our story

Since its origins twelve years ago, the evolution of Cortadito has led it to become one of the torchbearers of a pop culture phenomenon that is two centuries strong. A traditional folk and acoustic band that focuses on performing one of the earliest styles of Cuban country music known as Son (pronounced sOwn), their sound can best be described as reminiscent of the famed Buena Vista Social Club.

This dynamic, Miami-based ensemble has been joined on stage by Grammy and Latin Grammy award-winning singer Aymeé Nuviola, world-renowned flutist Nestor Torres, and has performed with legendary member of Buena Vista Social Club, Eliades Ochoa. In October of 2022, the group was invited to perform at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Jose Elias founded the band alongside Julio Cesar Rodriguez Delet, from Santiago de Cuba, in November of 2011 after a 12-year stint with Conjunto Progreso that garnered him a Grammy nomination for the album Masters of Cuban Son. The duo was an instant success and was celebrated for their ability to create a big band sound with such a small lineup. They released their first CD titled Abriendo Caminos in 2012, which featured an original composition by each of the artists “Delicias Caribeña” (Elias) and “Te Lo Perdiste” (Delet).

In 2018, the group released their follow-up CD titled Canciones de Julio, which included five original songs and featured the participation of double bass player Yorgis Goiricelaya and Roinel Vega, who performed with the likes of Albita Rodriguez and Oscar De Leon.

The current lineup includes bass player Alberto Pantaleon, who has toured with the Afro-Cuban All Stars and is currently touring with Eliades Ochoa in the United States. The group also features trumpet player Tony Perigo, who started his professional career at the age of 17 playing with Cuban songstress Omara Portuondo. Rounding off

the group on percussion is Santiago McCook, who is referred to as “El Pulpo” (the octopus), due to his one-of-a-kind multi-percussion setup that allows him to play the role of three musicians in one.

In May of 2024 the group will release their first full-length feature album titled “The Guajiro Triangle”. The album will feature a variety of original compositions that celebrate the traditions of Cuban music in the modern world. The triangle represents the connection between Santiago de Cuba, Havana, and Miami, the group’s home and final destination of this musical journey that was established two centuries ago.