Evelyn Suarez Calero


Evelyn is an accomplished and versatile music educator with a wide range of teaching experience in both the United States and Cuba. Since August 2019, she has held the position of General Elementary Music Teacher at Lincoln Marti Charter School in Little Havana, where she instructs young students in the fundamentals of music. In addition to her elementary role, Evelyn also serves as the Middle School and High School Band Teacher, guiding older students in developing their instrumental skills and fostering a passion for music.

Evelyn\’s dedication to music education extends beyond the classroom. From March 2017 to 2020, she was actively involved as a Flute Instructor, Piano Instructor, Theory and Harmony Instructor, as well as an Ensemble Instructor and Summer Camp Instructor at Let It Beat Music Academy in Miami, Florida. During her time there, she helped students refine their flute and piano playing techniques, grasp essential theoretical concepts, and collaborate effectively within musical ensembles.

Evelyn\’s expertise has also been recognized at Dade Music Academy in Miami, where she worked as a Piano Instructor from January 2018 to 2019. Her proficiency in teaching various instruments and aspects of music theory contributed to the development of well-rounded musicians.

Evelyn\’s international experience includes her time at the National School of Art in Havana, Cuba. From September 2016 to January 2017, she served as a Flute Instructor, nurturing the talents of students in a different cultural context. She also was a Music Instructor {Wood Ensemble} at National School of Art,Habana,Cuba from September 2009 to June 2010.

Throughout her career, Evelyn has engaged in continuous professional development. In April 2008, she conducted a Master Class at the National School of Art and she has been providing Private Lessons since 2009, offering personalized instruction to individuals seeking to enhance their musical abilities.


Evelyn\’s educational journey reflects her dedication to both music and psychology, resulting in a well-rounded background that enriches her approach as an educator. She holds a Master\’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychological Development from San Jorge University in Spain, a qualification attained in 2023. This advanced degree equips her with a deep understanding of the cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of young minds, enhancing her ability to connect with and guide her students effectively.

Evelyn\’s passion for music is evident in her educational accomplishments as well. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree with a specialization in Flute Performance from the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba, in 2012. This foundational training equipped her with exceptional flute playing skills and a comprehensive understanding of musical theory and practice.

Her educational journey began earlier at the National School of Art in Havana, Cuba, where she completed her High School Diploma in 2007. This period laid the groundwork for her future musical pursuits and set the stage for her subsequent academic and professional achievements.

Evelyn\’s academic path, which encompasses the fields of music and psychology, reflects her multidisciplinary approach to education and her commitment to holistic development. Her diverse educational background, spanning different countries and disciplines, undoubtedly contributes to her effectiveness as an educator who not only imparts musical knowledge and skills but also understands the cognitive and emotional needs of her students.



  • Jazz Band, Joaquín Betancourt (2007-2017) Cuba
  • Dayramir and Havana en Trance (2009) Cuba 
  • Jazz Band, Jorge Luis Triana (2006-2007) Cuba
  • Wynton Marsalis & at Jazz at Lincoln Center (invited artist)(2010)

Wood Ensemble

  • Camerata Cortes (2006-2017) Cuba


  • Irene Rodríguez company (June 2014- August 2016) Cuba. 

 Latin Music

  • Los Tres de La Habana (2019) E.U

*** currently playing actively with some bands from the city of Miami.


      .   CD Identidad MAKE Sound [Music Producer and Flute](2020)     

  • DVD: Anais Abreu. Record Label Colibrí. (2017)
  • CD: Valdes Brothers. Record Label Colibrí [Flute] (2016)
  • Sound track for documentary titled \”The Cuban Bus.\” Independent Recording. (2016)
  • CD: EMA Peri. Independent Recording. [Flute] (2016)
  • CD: La vuelta al mundo [Alexander Abreu and Havana de Primera] Record Label Unicornio [Flute] [Grand Prize winner for Cubadisco 2015 and in Popular Dance Music] (2015)
  • Movie Soundtrack for \”El Rey Del Barrio.\” Music Composed by Ulises Márquez [Flute] (2014)
  • CD and DVD: Madre Tierra. Joven All Star del Jazz Cubano [Michel Herrera.] Record Label Colibrí [Flute][Prize winner for Cubadisco 2014 in Audiovisual] (2013)
  • CD: Trance [Yoandry Argudin.] Record Label Colibrí [Flute] (2013)
  • CD: Mambazo [Joaquín Betancourt´s jazz band] Record Label Colibrí [Flute, Piccolo, and Choir] (2013)
  • CD: La Quenistica [Rodrigo Soza.] Independent Recording [Musical Producer] (2012-2013)
  • CD and DVD: Percusión Cubana. Record Label Colibrí [Flute] [Special prize Cubadisco 2014] (2012)
  • CD: Havana Now Danzon [Alejandro Falcón.] Record Label Colibrí [Flute][Prize winner for Cubadisco 2015 in Recording and Instrumental Music](2012)
  • CD: Sueños del pequeño Quin: [Joaquín Betancourt´s jazz band] Record Label Colibrí [Special prize Cubadisco 2012] [Flute and Piccolo] (2010)
  • CD: Alegres Camaradas: [José Miguel Crego el Greco] Independent Recording [Flute](2010)
  • CD: For du vender om [Tine Bacher] Independent Recording [Flute](2010)
  • Music for a French documentary titled Havana Muda [Flute](2010)
  • CD: En la espera: [Michel Herrera.]  Record Label Colibrí [Flute][Second Place for Latin Beat Magazine] (2009)


  • Irene Rodriguez Company, the Joyce Theater in New York (May 2016)
  • Irene Rodriguez Company & Philharmonic Orchestra of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (November 2015)
  • Irene Rodriguez Company, the Moore Theater in Seattle (October 2015)

Here are some videos of Evelyn performing at Casino Miami. Thank you Dj Leo Miami for the videos.