Interview with Ed Calle – Ep7

June 30, 2023 Rene Guim host of the Miami Beat Show had the pleasure to interview Dr. Ed Calle.

Latin Grammy Award Winner for Best Instrumental Album and five-time

Grammy nominee, Dr. Ed Calle is a renowned musician, composer, orchestrator, scholar, professor, and leader known for his extraordinary ability to sight-read, interpret, and perform virtually any musical style.

Throughout his legendary career, Calle has become one of the most recorded saxophonists in history appearing on more than 1,200 albums, almost 9,000 singles, and countless television and movie soundtracks with artists ranging from Frank Sinatra and Celia Cruz to Sylvester Stallone and Andy Garcia. Throughout the globe, his peers and colleagues often laud his versatility. One of his most cherished honors,

Calle performed at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards broadcast as a legend of Latin Jazz alongside Israel \”Cachao\” Lopez, Arturo Sandoval, Bebo Valdes, Jiménez, and a host of other legendary Latin jazz masters.

Ed Calle is a nominee for the 2018 Florida Music Hall of Fame along with music royalty including Emilio Estefan, Creed, \”Soulman\” Sam Moore, Jimmy Buffet, Barry Gibb, Jaco Pastorious, Peter Graves, and Dana Paul. Besides being an internationally acclaimed jazz performer and prolific composer and arranger, Dr. Calle is in great demand as a jazz clinician and enjoys working with students. In addition to his full-time Professor of Music Business and Production duties at Miami Dade College, Calle conducts regular visits to South Florida public, private, and charter K-12 schools and has served as a guest artist and clinician in Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Italy, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and throughout the United States.

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