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Interview with Lucy Grau


On Friday May 26 at 1pm, Lucy Grau, the popular and talented Latin music artist, was featured on Miami Beat 305 Show with Host Rene Guim. The interview provided insights into Lucy Grau’s music career, her creative process, and her passion for her craft.

The interview began with Rene Guim asking Lucy Grau how she got started in music. Lucy Grau responded by sharing her childhood story where her parents introduced her to music at a young age and how she took up singing in school.

She credits her upbringing and exposure to a variety of music genres for molding her into the artist she is today.

Lucy then explained her creative process. She shared how she draws inspiration from emotions and her personal experiences, as she believes that music is a language that connects people. She added that she believes music has the power to heal and connect people regardless of their background.

Overall, the interview offered a glimpse into Lucy Grau’s world and showed that she’s more than just an artist. With her passion for music and her desire to use it to make a difference in society, Lucy Grau is an inspiration to many. Her dedication to using music to heal, inspire, and connect with people is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music.