Interview with PAOLA GUANCHE – EP11

Artist/Singer Paola Guanche, born in Cancun, Mexico with Afro-Cuban roots raised in Miami, is a singer who has used her voice since she was a child to transmit her deepest emotions. Paola has always wanted to feel comfortable in her vulnerability while discovering her power.
Paola has been in the musical world since she was 7 years old watching her family of musicians win the hearts of people trough their art, and she is not left behind with her passion for music and it’s healing powers.

She has participated in television from a young age starting in shows such as “Sábado Gigante” to winning the first season of “La Voz Kids” (The Voice) in 2013. Paola has begun her internal discovery, not only in her personal life but in her music, leaving us heartbroken with her song “Duele”, meanwhile making us dance and forget the world outside with her second single “Quiero”. Guanche is inspired by many artists like Lauryn Hill, Celia Cruz, La Lupe, SZA and more, leaving her in the middle of both worlds she grew up in and loves. While exploring herself through her songs, Paola delivers nothing but grace and power with each project.